Watch some videos of the Blended Shelf.

Preview of the HTML5 Version, 2014

This is a very short preview of my development version of the HTML5 version of the Blended Shelf. It is build upon great open source software such as Apache SOLR, ZEND Framework and VuFind. It is implemented on the client side as a pure CSS3, JavaScript and HTML approach.

Version of Field Study, 2013

The video shows the setting of my field study of the Blended Shelf in June 2013. Blended Shelf was publicly accessible for about 10 days 24/7 with a database containing around 2 Mio. records.

Tutorial Video (Version of the Field Study, 2013)

While Blended Shelf is not in use, it presents the user a tutorial video which quickly explains the input gestures and some of the functionality.

Older Version from 2013 and various Settings

The video shows different prototypes and various experiments and settings from the early development of the Blended Shelf. Not all approaches proved to be practicable or could be explored further.