Blended Shelf

Blended Shelf showing a board of books about Dürer.

Blended Shelf showing a board of books about Dürer.


Blended Shelf provides a shelf browsing experience beyond the physical location of the library. It offers a 3D visualization of library collections with the integration of real-world attributes like the size and availability of books. The application reflects the actual arrangement of items in the physical library and enables implicit serendipitous support of the shelf browsing process in the digital world. The interface offers multiple views with different levels of detail regarding the collection as well as various entrance points to it. The user can explore and search the shelves by touch interaction. Thus, a user can explore collections in a familiar way and benefit from serendipitous browsing discoveries without forfeiting the advantages of the digital domain.

The first versions of the Blended Shelf are a result of my master thesis and studies of human computer interaction linked to topics of physical and digital libraries.

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