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I’m thinking about starting a photo series about signs I see while running. We start with the following beautiful specimen that I saw on July 22, 2019 in the forest near Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart. After I saw the sign, the run was rather less relaxed…

Schild: Vorsicht! Angreifender Bussard / Sign: Attention! Attacking Buzzard
Schild: Vorsicht! Angreifender Bussard / Sign: Attention! Attacking Buzzard

The sources of the Hybrid Bookshelf are now online at Github (LGPL 3). I haven’t had the time for a deeper analysis, but it seems that a lot of its features (coloring of the books, sharing items via email etc.) are only available as a commercial version and not released as open source software. The out-of-the-box demo connects to the Library Data Unifier, which is also at Github available (GPL 2).


Cover_Blended Library – neue Zugangswege zu den Inhalten wissenschaftlicher und öffentlicher Bibliotheken

Cover and link to article

While I’m currently working again within the Open Access Repositories context, I found a nice overview article about the Blended Library by Harald Reiterer, Roman Rädle, Simon Butscher and Jens Müller from the Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of Konstanz.

The article focuses on the four projects and interactive exploration tools

  1. Blended Shelf (and its commercial successor Hybrid Bookshelf),
  2. TwisterSearch,
  3. Tiefenrausch and
  4. Expedition

and summarizes the outcomes of the research projects

  1. Blended Library and
  2. Lernort Bibliothek – Bibliotheksservice digital und real

Source: Reiterer, H., Rädle, R., Butscher, S., et al. (2016). Blended Library – neue Zugangswege zu den Inhalten wissenschaftlicher und öffentlicher Bibliotheken. Bibliothek Forschung und Praxis, 40(1), pp. 7-20. Retrieved 11 Apr. 2016, from doi:10.1515/bfp-2016-0010

Today the Hybrid Bookshelfas a result of the Blended Shelf Projectwas presented at the 104. Bibliothekartag in Nürnberg. It is great to finally see the works and results of my master thesis arriving as an product. It will soon be available as hosted solution and open source software. More info at

I just noticed that Blended Shelf plays a role in the new image movie of the University of Konstanz. It is an honor that my alma mater uses my work to advertise for itself. I assume that an English version will follow soon.

I just stumbled (thanks to RR) over Arena for Books. This is a design challenge with the task to …

“Develop future­oriented and viable ideas for the physical presentation of digital publishing products and services in bookstores and at trade fairs.” Source:

… by the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels (German Publishers and Booksellers Association) and others. Between all the ideas are various interesting approaches of digital shelves such as the Bookshelf 2.0:


Update: Now I realized that the Bookshelf 2.0 is the winner of the challenge. Buchreport published an article about it.

I added some screenshots of the current html5 version of the Blended Shelf. This is work in progress. A lot of features are still missing and the final product may look differently. The technological base is VuFind and a lot of html5, css3 and js.

One of the new screenshots - Rotating the shelf...

One of the new screenshots – Rotating the shelf…